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About MAYO Music

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MAYO publicizes signed and unsigned artists.

MAYO Communications works with Warrior Records on such artists as Crash Kelly, Saints of the Underground (SOT)(Alice Cooper Band members, Warrant and Ratt), Benny Mardones, Eddie Money and many more.

Warrior Records, a division of L.A. Entertainment, Inc., was started in 1998 by President/Staff Producer, Jim Ervin. The label proceeds with the ideal of offering opportunities to talented artists who wish to embrace the best of what an active indie company can offer, while also enjoying major label distribution channels.


MAYO Communications


This Blog is about – New music, social media, Public Relations, Marketing Communications for artistis, music trends, traditional media, interesting campaigns and people in the entertainment circles, communications, business,  social media and technology world.


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Award-winning journalist George Mc Quade on the
red carpet at a breast cancer benefit in Beverly Hills.


And Entertainment Publicity/Communicators
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Media Placement is MAYO Communications niche:
“We Don’t guarantee media, we just get!”


Call for publicity if you do not see yourself in the local newspaper, or on TV or hear yourself on the radio.


Social media driving you crazy. Let us drive your traffic and manage your social networks, so you can sleep at
knowing everything is under complete control.


Call for your free media assessment, too.


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2 Responses to “About MAYO Music”

  1. I am the biggest benny Mardones fan and mom just recently talked to his manager and got me a signed picture and cd. I have tried to contact benny personally to talk to him and it says that you can’t because he has too many fans, I would love to meet him up close and get pictures done. I would like a sweater eventually. If I could have his manager contact me at that would be awesome. I also have a towel of his too.

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