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Catalina Jazz Club comes alive October 1 with Jazz Giant Jon Barnes and Singer Theresa King

Back by popular demand and following his work on Earth, Wind and Fire’s
new album -Jon Barnes returns to the Catalina Jazz Club.

Jon Barnes and Theresa King headline a big smooth evening of jazz at the famous Catalina Jazz Club, Hollywood. Tickets are on sale now for the October 1, 2013 performance (for Tickets:

Arturo plays trumpet while jon barnes looks on
Arturo Sandoval on trumpet and Jon Barnes at the Catalina Jazz Club.

Jon Barnes, who recently played with Kool and the Gang’s former lead Singer Skip Martin and Grammy Award-Winning Arturo Sandoval (Aug. 2-3), at the famous Catalina Jazz Club ( 6725 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA, 90028), is coming back. Barnes returns Oct. 1, 2013 with Jazz Singer Theresa King.

Barnes is at the Monterey Jazz festival on the Central Coast this weekend, which features George Benson and Dave Holland to name a few.

Barnes has also been commissioned to write music for Grammy Award-winning Arturo Sandoval’s Big Band.  All three (Sandoval, Martin and Barnes) recently returned from the daCarbo Jazz Festival in Europe and hit the ground running the following weekend  with a sold out show at Catalina.

Jon Barnes and Skip Martin prior to the show with Arturo Sandoval.
Jon Barnes and Skp Martin (Kool & the Gang) with carbon fiber made trumpets.

Jon Barnes has been commissioned to write and produce music for Arturo Sandoval and his big band. Sandoval, protégé of the jazz master, Dizzy Gillespie, was a founding member of the Grammy-winning group Irakere, that had an explosive mixture of jazz, classical, rock and traditional Cuban music. It caused a sensation throughout the entertainment world.

Arturo Sandoval plays trumpet at Catilina Jazz Club.

Barnes just wrapped up a European tour in Barnbach, Austria at the DaCarbo Jazz Festival with Arturo Sandoval, lead vocalist, Skip Martin of Kool and the Gang.

The “Tribute to Louis Armstrong Jon Barnes von Earth Wind & Fire LIVE erleben in Bärnbach”. The European event also included music workshops with daCarbo (carbon fiber made) trumpets.

Most recently Barnes has been note for his work on the new Album of Earth, Wind and Fire entitled, Now, Then & Forever. 

 Barnes also played in the movie Dirty Dancing. He’s a writer, composer, producer, businessman and educator. Although his principal instruments are trumpet and piano, Barnes plays all and teaches music. Growing up in Baltimore, he started studying trumpet in church and elementary school.

Cover of album of Now, Then and Forever by Earth, Wind and fFire Album cover.
Jon Barnes wrote new music and performs
with Earth, Wind and Fire on their new album,
Now, Then and Forever out in stores now
available online.

His first of many mentors was the late Robert Smith who was his music teacher, as well as a violinist with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and a jazz pianist. Another mentor, the late David Hairston from Garrison Jr. High School taught Barnes music theory and composition. He was hired to play gigs in order to develop his craft.

Long shot of Catalina Cub stage

Legendary Catalina Jazz Club, Hollywood, CA

Jon Barnes, Arturo Sandoval & Skip Martin performed a smashing double header during a hot (inside and outside) August weekend at the world famous Catalina Jazz Club.

Catalina Jazz Club with Arturo Sandoval, Skip Martin and Jon Barnes.

“I want to give a big shout out for Arturo Sandoval and Skip Martin 
(playing above in photo) for inviting us to play with his big band and amazing orchestra here at the Catalina,” said Barnes. “We were almost dancing on the ceiling and I’m horse from blowing the trumpet and singing all night.”


Tickets to get into the show are $25 and can be purchased
Online (more)

For more information about Jon Barnes and updates on his performances visit his blog at The official website is: Twitter:

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