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Hollywood Media Do More With Less

Entertainment Publicists Professional Society (EPPS) workshop in Hollywood at the ICG Local 600.

Entertainment Publicists Professional Society (EPPS) workshop in Hollywood at the ICG Local 600.

Hollywood reporters and editors are coping with recessionary pressures that force them to do much more with less support, according to a recent Entertainment Publicists Professional Society workshop moderated by Joe Schlosser, senior VP-communications, NBC-Universal Television Studio-Distribution.

“What used to be considered a skeleton staff is now covering the entire entertainment waterfront,” said Carl DiOrio, deputy film editor, The Hollywood Reporter. Management doesn’t want to “hear what’s not possible.” 

Josh Dickey, film editor, Associated Press, Los Angeles Bureau

 John Dickey, deputy entertainment editor,  Associated Press

 That point was echoed by Josh Dickey, deputy    entertainment editor, Associated Press, and    Michael Stroud, CEO of iHollywood Forum and    freelancer.


“The downsizing of publications has certainly hit the trades. Variety, where I used to work, is making cuts,” said DiOrio. “Whenever someone cuts a beat at a trade publication, it lowers the bar” across the entire media spectrum. 

Carl Diorio, Hollywood Reporter

Layoffs at Variety, Hollywood Reporter and the Los Angeles Times have created a demand for freelance journalists, said Stroud. “It is not  something desirable, but it’s a reality. Michael Stroud, iHollywood Forum, freelancer writerI have  spent the last six or seven years as CEO of a  conference company and we have been hit hard  as well by the recession. The first thing to go in a  recession is marketing and people regard trade  shows as an important part of marketing.”


Stroud predicted some newspaper and trade publications will disappear over the next ten years due to due to the Internet. Stroud, who writes for Hollywood Reporter, is working on a “digital power issue.”
EPPS Workshop

  He also contributes     to and     the newly launched,             which covers                Hollywood’s TV,    movie and media.    “So if you have a    powerful digital  pitch, I have done  


15 profiles so far for the May issue, I could use 10 more stories,” he said.

Transition for AP

Josh Dickey, Associated Press

 “It has been an enormous year of pain at the AP, which the recession simply accelerated,” said Dickey. “The AP has made it no secret that it is changing from a provider of print content to newspapers to a provider of digital content to everyone but newspapers.”

The AP stills serves 3,500 newspapers across the world. “The big assumption people make about the AP, it is mainly a vehicle to get a story into newspapers across the world,” explained Dickey. “That’s just a fifth of the total operation.”

Dickey said: “AP Television has become a massive part of our effort. We are not repurposing a lot of the reporting that’s being done for AP Radio or AP Television. We are driving news reports through the appropriate communication format.”

Dickey noted that AP used to be divided into TV, radio, graphics, photos and print sections doing their own thing.

 “Those departments are starting to mingle,” noted Dickey. “Video journalists are learning to write the wire. Print journalists are learning to cut audio for the audio wire and radio packages. They will be picking up video cameras pretty soon. The smart college student is taking classes to learn all these disciplines, not pigeon-holing themselves.”

All three panelists prefer email pitches:

Josh Dickey, deputy entertainment editor
Associated Press

Michael Stroud
freelancer & CEO
iHollywood Forum

Carl DiOrio
deputy film editor
Hollywood Reporter

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