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Artist Rudy Ray Moore New Album In Stores On Election Day

Warrior Records – Week of 10/06/08

Check stock on these titles available through your local One Stops and Universal Music Group Distribution.

Artist: Rudy Ray Moore
Dolemite For President
Orders Due: 10/15/08!
Street: 11/04/08
Label: Warrior / Bungalo / Universal Music Group Distribution
File Under: Comedy
Price Code: C10
UPC: 802097020028

Just in time for the election – the originator of rude, lewd, and crude – Rudy Ray Moore’s comedy classic, “Dolemite for President”!

√ Never before on CD – the original comedy recordings, plus never before released bonus tracks.
√ For fans of explicit comedy, Rudy Ray Moore paved the way numerous acts like Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy.
√ Rudy Ray Moore Chart History – One Top 25 Billboard R&B Album (“Eat Out Moore Often”) and One Top 50 Billboard R&B Album (“This Belongs To Me”).
√ Radio promo servicing to all comedy outlets, including XM/SIRIUS (XM Comedy, Laugh USA, Extreme XM, Laugh Attack).
√ New Media targeting of Rudy Ray Moore fans through existing,, and iReach direct marketing to over 10,000 friends on Rudy’s MySpace page(s).

√ “Dolemite For President” In-Store promo CDs & POP Available, email requests to:

“The man, the myth, the legend, Rudy Ray Moore, without him there would be no rap community.” ~Snoop Dogg

Rudy Ray Moore w/Snoop Dogg:

Rudy Ray Moore has been sampled by Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eazy-E, Eric B. and Rakim, Ice-T, Big daddy Kane, 2 Live Crew, ODB, and dozens of others platinum selling rap artists. Hailed as the king of the party record and the world’s greatest X-rated stand up comedian, Moore is back with the first CD release of his 1972 classic, “Dolemite For President,” which contains additional previously unreleased sketch comedy from various live Moore performances.

Rudy Ray Moore attained cult status as a pioneer of racy inner city and ghetto humor. He has inspired three generations of comics and a whole new generation of rap practitioners. From the late 60’s through today, his “party records” have become classics to many night club goers and music buyers. Moore in the 1970’s also made his mark in the film world. During the “Blaxploitation” move era, he produced and starred in seven films as “Human Tornado,” “Monkey Hustle,” “Petey Wheatstraw,” “Disco Godfather,” “Penitentiary,” “Rude,” and most notably, “Dolemite,” which became an instant inner city classic.

“The other candidates promise everything. If you elect me President, I promise you nothing!” proclaims Moore, also known as Dolemite. Mr. Dolemite is running on the “I Ain’t Lyin’ Platform.”

Reporter: Sir, why do you want to become president?
RRM: For the only reason the others do…to make dough.

Reporter: How will you solve the financial crisis?
RRM: I will legalize stealing.

Reporter: How do you stand on unemployment?
RRM: At the end of the line baby, to hell with a job!

Reporter: Who were the greatest influences in your career?
RRM: The late great comedians Red Foxx and Moms Mabley.

Reporter: Who will be your Vice President and First Lady?
RRM: Eddie Murphy will be my Vice President and Lisa Lampanelli will serve as First Lady. Now, Lampanelli and I won’t get married, we’ll just shack up in the White House!

For more on Rudy Ray Moore, check out the debut CD release of “Dolemite For President” – Street date November 4, 2008 – Get out and vote!

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Artist: Crash Kelly
One More Heart Attack

Street: Available Now!
Label: Warrior / Bungalo / Universal Music Group Distribution
File Under: Pop/Rock
Price Code: C11
UPC: 802097018124

Crash Kelly opens for the Black Crowes at Rogers Bayfest 2008

In the five years since Toronto-based guitar slinger Sean Kelly recorded the first Crash kelly song in his modest home studio, he has exploded from down and dirty clubs to arenas, amphitheaters, and other major venues in North America and Europe. Kelly is currently promoting the release of his much anticipated third CD entitled, “One More Heart Attack.”

Crash Kelly’s first two album outings, “Penny Pills” and “Electric Satisfaction,” helped Crash Kelly procure industry acclaim and tours with rock luminaries including, Alice Cooper, Quireboys, Backyard Babies, as well as support slots with Mötley Crue, Poison, Cinderella, W.A.S.P., and many other hard rock heroes. Crash Kelly is currently touring Canada (U.S. dates forthcoming) with ex-Guns N’ Roses axe man Gilby Clarke, who also produced half of the new tracks on the “One More Heart Attack” album.

Crash Kelly comes by its’ influences honestly. Weaned on Aerosmith, the Rolling Stones, KISS, and T-Rex, a young Sean Kelly quickly became enamored with the sound of twin guitars, slamming rock beats, and arena based rock n’ roll courtesy of his older sister’s music collection. However, the band’s hard rock musicality is not lost on the fact that frontman Sean Kelly is a formally trained guitarist who has also enjoyed success releasing a number of classical acoustic CDs. When Yamaha Guitars ( commissioned their newly launched handcrafted guitar series, they asked if Kelly would consider representing their line of custom products. “I was flattered to be considered by Yamaha,” he recalls, “and I will enjoy being their classical guitars spokesperson.”

When not rocking the live venues, Kelly also actively produces and composes jingles, most recently being heard on a Pontiac commercial broadcast throughout venues across Canada. Additionally, in 2005, Sean was selected out of thousands of entries by Guitar Player magazine to perform at the inaugural Guitar Hero Competition. As a Top 10 finalist, Sean performed at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, in front of celebrity judges Joe Satriani and Steve Lukather.

To bring his latest musical vision to fruition, Sean has assembled what he considers to be the best Crash Kelly line-up to date. Long time band mate, Allister Thompson on bass, Gene Scarpelli on guitar, and Tim Timlech on drums all contribute stellar performances both on stage and recorded on “One More Heart Attack.” The CD also features Rudy Sarzo (Ozzy Osbourne/Quiet Riot/Whitesnake), Brian Tichy (Foreigner/Billy Idol), as well as songwriting contributions from Pursuit of Happiness’ main-man Moe Berg.

Hard Rock Hideout Interview
by Rob Rockitt

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Artist: Saints Of The Underground
Love The Sin, Hate The Sinner

Check Stock!!!
Street: Available Now!
Label: Warrior / Bungalo / Universal Music Group Distribution
File Under: Rock
Price Code: C13
UPC: 802097014720

Created by members of mega-groups Warrant, Ratt, and Alice Cooper – Saints Of The Underground has their debut rocking along to a familiar yet distinctive beat that is sure to please fans, both old and new.

† For fans of RATT (Bobby Blotzer, Robbie Crane), Warrant (Jani Lane), and Alice Cooper (Keri Kelli).
† RATT History – 2 Gold, 2 Platinum, 1 Double-Platinum, & 1 Triple-Platinum album. 6 Albums in Billboard Top 200.
† Warrant History – 1 Gold, 2 Double-Platinum Albums. 3 Albums in Billboard Top 200.
† Alice Cooper History – 2 Gold Albums, 7 Platinum Albums. 8 Albums in billboard Top 200.

† Promo S.O.T.U. In-Store CDs Available, email requests to:

Saints Of The Underground was formed by Keri Kelli and Bobby Blotzer, and then they recruited Jani Lane and Robbie Crane. It started out as a group to play covers and have some fun during off time from their respective bands. The chemistry amongst them was so good that it just evolved into what we hear on this recording.

Some people may immediately label this album falsely based solely on the cover and who is in the group. Upon seeing Jani front and center some may immediately think “Heaven” or “Cherry Pie”, true he was the voice behind those two great songs but this is much more. For comparison reasons this album is closer to Warrant’s DOG EAT DOG disc mainly due to the fact of Jani’s distinct vocals and the heaviness of the songs. Upon first listen you are dragged in with catchy melodies, great guitar and pounding drums. The vast majority of the songs on here are upbeat with only one mellow ballad and that one being a cover of The Rolling Stones’ “Moonlight Mile”. The other cover song on the album is a beefed up version of Tom Petty’s “American Girl. I guess its hard not to include some classic covers on the album when that it what started the group but the talent in the band is so huge it is a shame the disc isn’t all originals. Maybe next album? As for the original cuts……heavy as fuck! Not in the brutal death metal sense but in the rock sense. The drums are deep sounding and just hit you in the chest, the guitar is slightly distorted like the 80’s Sunset Strip metal……perfectly fitting. Add in some killer vocals from Jani and the melodic basslines from Robbie and you have a sure fire hit album. Jani hasn’t sounded this good in ages. It’s great to see him back on top and belting it out again. A couple of the stand outs on here are the opening track “Dead Man Shoes” which just grabs you from the start, “All In How You Wear It” which can be interpreted as judging a book by its cover.

One of the best albums you can purchase this year. Chock full of great music with no filler. Hopefully this is just the beginning. ~Celtic Bob

# # #

SOTU Members Touring With Their Respective Bands:10/01/08 Regina, SK – Conexus Arts Centre (SOTU’s Keri Kelli w/Alice Cooper)
10/02/08 Saskatoon, SK – TCU Place (SOTU’s Keri Kelli w/Alice Cooper)
10/04/08 Thunder Bay, ON – Thunder Bay Auditorium (SOTU’s Keri Kelli w/Alice Cooper)
10/06/08 Hamilton, ON – Hamilton Place (SOTU’s Keri Kelli w/Alice Cooper)
10/07/08 Barrie, ON – Molson Centre (SOTU’s Keri Kelli w/Alice Cooper)
10/08/08 Oshawa, ON – General Motors Centre (SOTU’s Keri Kelli w/Alice Cooper)
10/10/08 London, ON – Centennial Hall (SOTU’s Keri Kelli w/Alice Cooper)
10/11/08 Ottawa, ON – Civic Centre (SOTU’s Keri Kelli w/Alice Cooper)
10/14/08 Kitchener, ON – Centre In The Square (SOTU’s Keri Kelli w/Alice Cooper)
10/15/08 Montreal, QC – St. Denis Theatre (SOTU’s Keri Kelli w/Alice Cooper)
10/17/08 Halifax, NX – Metro Centre (SOTU’s Keri Kelli w/Alice Cooper)
10/18/08 Saint John – Harbour Station (SOTU’s Keri Kelli w/Alice Cooper)
10/19/08 Moncton, NB – Moncton Coliseum/Arena Complez (SOTU’s Keri Kelli w/Alice Cooper)
10/21/08 Saint John’s NF – Mile ONe stadium (SOTU’s Keri Kelli w/Alice Cooper)
10/22/08 Corner Brook, NF – Pepsi Centre (SOTU’s Keri Kelli w/Alice Cooper)
10/25/08 Boston, MA – Orpheum Theatre (SOTU’s Keri Kelli w/Alice Cooper)
10/25/08 Normal, OK – Riverwind Casino (SOTU’s Bobby Blotzer and Robbie Crane w/Ratt)
10/26/08 Schenectady, NY – Proctor’s Theatre (SOTU’s Keri Kelli w/Alice Cooper)
10/28/08 Santiago – Teatro Caupolican (SOTU’s Bobby Blotzer and Robbie Crane w/Ratt)
10/28/08 Verona, NY – Turning Stone Casino (SOTU’s Keri Kelli w/Alice Cooper)
10/29/08 Lima, Lima – Voce (SOTU’s Bobby Blotzer and Robbie Crane w/Ratt)
10/30/08 Bergen, NJ – Bergen Performing Arts Center (SOTU’s Keri Kelli w/Alice Cooper)
10/30/08 Bogata, columbia – Down Town Majestic (SOTU’s Bobby Blotzer and Robbie Crane w/Ratt)
10/31/08 Mashantucket, CT – Foxwoods Casino (SOTU’s Keri Kelli w/Alice Cooper)
10/31/08 Carrera, Medellin – teatro de la Universidad de Medellin (SOTU’s Bobby Blotzer and Robbie Crane w/Ratt)
11/01/08 Sau Paulo – Ledslay (SOTU’s Bobby Blotzer and Robbie Crane w/Ratt)
11/01/08 Atlantic City, NJ – House Of Blues (SOTU’s Keri Kelli w/Alice Cooper)
11/18/08 Hamburg, DE – Sporthalle Hamburg (SOTU’s Keri Kelli w/Alice Cooper)
11/20/08 Hannover, DE – AWD Hall (SOTU’s Keri Kelli w/Alice Cooper)
11/22/08 Bayreuth, DE – Oberfrabkenhalle (SOTU’s Keri Kelli w/Alice Cooper)
11/25/08 Erfurt, DE – Messehalle (SOTU’s Keri Kelli w/Alice Cooper)
11/26/08 Munich, DE – Olympiahalle (SOTU’s Keri Kelli w/Alice Cooper)
11/28/08 Frankfurt Am Main, DE – Jahrhuderthalle (SOTU’s Keri Kelli w/Alice Cooper)
11/29/08 Stuttgart, DE – Porsche Arena (SOTU’s Keri Kelli w/Alice Cooper)
12/01/08 Berline, DE – Max Schmeling Halle (SOTU’s Keri Kelli w/Alice Cooper)

Artist: Eddie Money
Album: Wanna Go Back

Street: Available Now! Check Stock!!!
Label: Warrior / Bungalo / Universal Music Group Distribution
File Under: Pop/Rock
Price Code: C14
UPC: 802097011620

Eddie brings his own brand of rock to these classic hit songs: You Don’t Know Me * Ain’t No Mountain High Enough * Higher and Higher * Baby Now That I Found You * Good Lovin’ * Expressway To Your Heart * Jenny Take A Ride * Build Me Up Buttercup * Land Of A Thousand Dances * Hold On I’m Comin’ * Mockingbird * Please Please / Baby Don’t You Weep

√ Eddie’s new single “Build Me Up Buttercup” is now being serviced to stations!

Thanks to Value Music’s Spin Street Records for hosting Eddie’s latest in-store!

This was Spin Street’s 4th signing with Eddie Money:

One thing I have to say about the Money man, he gives it his all on stage. He had his daughter with him this time around and they sang together for most of the songs, each trading lyrics with the other. The two of them came down to the store at about 10pm. They were great, taking time with everyone and posing for pictures. The signing lasted a
little more than an hour with 76 people coming out to meet them. We sold 45 of his CDs.
~ Chris @ Spin Street #67

# # #

Eddie Money Touring (updated as of 10/01/08):
(***Email in-store signing requests to

10/02/08 St. Charles, MO – Ameristar Casino
10/03/08 La Vista, NE – Embassy Suites Omaha
10/04/08 Minneapolis, MN – Trocaderos
10/11/08 Redding, CA – Big Bike Weekend
10/18/08 Kannapolis, NC – Fieldcrest Stadium
10/19/08 Kenner, LA – Laketown Festival
10/25/08 Baltimore, MD – Calvert Hall High School
10/30/08 Orlando, FL – Hard Rock at Universal
11/13/08 Ridgefield, CT – Ridgefield Playhouse
11/14/08 Akron, OH – Tangiers
11/15/08 Atlatic City, NJ – House of Blues
11/29/08 Grapevine, Tx – Galss Cactus
12/05/08 Norfolk, VA – Mid Atlantic concert Series
12/11/08 Redondo Beach ,CA – BriXton
12/12/08 Agoura Hills, CA – Canyon Club
12/13/08 San Juan Capistrano, CA – The Coach House
12/14/08 Agoura Hills, CA – Canyon Club
01/16/09 Lancaster, PA – American Music Theater
01/23/09 Wendover, NV – Peppermill Casino
02/21/09 – Saint Michael, NC -Spirit Lake Casion
05/02/09 Florence, IN – Belterra Resort and Casino
05/09/09 Torrance, CA – James armstrong Theater
06/05/09 Beaumont, CA – Beaumont Cherry Festival

Artist: Troop

Street: Available Now! Check Stock!!!
Label: Warrior / Bungalo / Universal Music Group Distribution
File Under: R&B
Price Code: C10
UPC: 802097013624


√ New Low Price / Consistent Catalog Seller
√ Large & Loyal Fan Base
√ Bonus Tracks
√ Promo In-Store CDs and 11×17 Posters Available (email requests to:
√ Troop Catalog Sells Through!

“MAYDAY” – Over 70 minutes of R&B!!!

Customer Reviews:

“I love every song on this cd and the interludes tell a great story. The harmonies are tight too! Troop did this whole album themselves and did it their way. You all need to check it out. I also want to say that the guys are back and are still sounding great! Meanwhile, definately get Mayday. You won’t be disappointed! I miss this kind of music.” ~ R. Lamb (San Diego)

“Troop you are my babies… all of your albums are the bomb. I’m missing you very much. Please come back, we need you out here in the R&B game.” ~ Tasha (Detroit)

“This has to be one of the most under-rated groups in R&B history. It seems as if this is Troop’s last album as a group, and it’s a shame. Even though Troop’s lead singers’ voices have somewhat diminished, this group still put it down – far more better than most of these other, less equipped but somehow, more popular groups. The slows jams are the bomb. And there first release, an up-tempo, ‘The Way I parlay’ is hot.” ~ Ronda (Cleveland)

“Great album…it’s one of those that you can love to listen to all the way through…Troop still has it!!” ~ Michelle Perez

about TROOP

In 1998, a group of five childhood friends crafted a hit that would become not only a long-lived Billboard Hot R&B Single, but also one of the most added R&B songs in the nation. The success of “The Way I Parlay,” from the Billboard Top 100 R&B Album, “Mayday“, was incredible considering Troop had the pressure of creating another hit album after three gold records, one platinum album, and a very long six year hiatus. As “Mayday” has not been available to the public, Warrior Records is pleased to announce the re-release of the album complete with 24 bit digital re-mastering and bonus tracks by Troop’s original five memebers; Lil’ Steve, Allen, Jon Jon, Rodney, and Reggie.

Artist: Benny Mardones
Let’s Hear It For Love

Street: Available Now! Check Stock!!!
Label: Warrior / Bungalo / Universal Music Group Distribution
File Under: Pop/Rock
Price Code: C13
UPC: 80209701172

by Stephen Thomas Erlewine
Apart from some of the production and some wear on his voice, Let’s Hear It for Love could easily be mistaken for an album Benny Mardones released in 1986 instead of one from 2006. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, mind you: Mardones’ success was built on “Into the Night,” a moody soft rock single so good it was a hit twice in one decade, and his strength lies within the arena rockers and power ballads that make up this 12-song album. As the title gently suggests, this record is heavy on love songs, meaning that there are a lot of slow-crawling sentimental tunes that are nevertheless driven by big, cavernous drums straight out of the mid-’80s — and when there’s a change of pace, as there is on the grinding, slightly sinister-sounding Seger-esque rocker “Innocent Girl” or the surging Eddie Money duet “Let’s Hear It for Love,” it also sounds like a throwback to ’80s album rock. When Mardones has the melodies — as he does on the rockers and on the smooth “How Could I Love You More” and the relatively sprightly “Could We Fall in Love Again” — this is enjoyable stuff for anybody who has a taste for either Mardones or the softer mainstream pop of the ’80s.

Benny Mardones Touring (updated as of 10/01/08):

11/21/08 Honolulu, HI – Hawaii Theater
12/12/08 Syracuse, NY – 3rd Annual Eat & Greet
12/13/08 Verona, NY – Turning Stone Casino

Artist: Various Artists
Warrior Ultra-Classics “Heartbreakers”

Street: Available Now!
Label: Warrior / Bungalo / Universal Music Group Distribution
File Under: Oldies/Vocals/Compilations
Price Code: C09
UPC: 802097013723

15 Tracks * Specially Priced!

1. Brenda Lee “Break It To Me Gently”
2. Everly Brothers “So Sad To Watch Good Love Go Bad”
3. Willie Nelson “Crazy”
4. Leona Williams “When I Stop Dreaming”
5. The Tams “What Kind Of Fool Do You Think I Am”
6. Classics IV “Traces”
7. Merle Haggard “Everybody’s Had The Blues”
8. Eddy Raven “I Should’ve Called”
9. Bob Luman “Still Loving You”
10. Patsy Cline “Stop The World And Let Me Off”
11. Tommy Roe “Everybody”
12. T. Graham Brown “I Wish That I Could Hurt That Way Again”
13. The Knickerbockers “Lies”
14. Roy Acuff “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry”
15. Jason Petty “Your Cheatin’ Heart”

Heartbreakers MP3 Samples & Artist Bios

Artist: Lareau

Street: Available Now!
Label: Warrior / Bungalo / Universal Music Group Distribution
File Under: Rock
Price Code: C13
UPC: 802097012221

Lareau (pronounced “Lah-row”), the band that is gaining national attention due to its honest cool-mountain-stream aesthetic combining an Eagles/Byrds roots-reverence with a Fray/Maroon 5 modernity, is readying for their latest single release “Change My World” which is in R&R’s New and Active section this week.

Lareau completed the recording “Change My World” with producers Darrin Payne and Anthony Brown at All Sound Studios in Warren, PA. Reid Shippen a 3X Grammy Winner was brought in to do the final mix on the cut. Mixes were conducted at Soundstage Studios in Nashville where Shippen has worked with such notables as Jonny Lang, India Arie, Backstreet Boys, and Third Day to name a few. His latest Grammy was presented for Jonny Lang’s “Turn Around” Album.

Lareau’s “Changes” debut (Warrior) has charted on three major Adult Contemporary charts: FMQB (#10), Billboard (#25) and R&R (#25). Chuck Taylor, reviewing for Billboard, wrote of the albums “organic play-off of electric and acoustic guitars, bongos and buoyant sing-along hooks,” referring to lead singer Larry Lareau as a frontman, “definitely stamped with nostalgic influences.” The review concluded noting that, “It’s a pleasure to see hard-working talent rise to the surface.”

Lareau—founding member and lead vocalist Larry Lareau, drummer/multi-instrumentalist Darrin Payne, guitarist Pete Gool, bassist Roger Christopherson and keyboardist Anthony Brown—is the five-piece band from Western New York and Pennsylvania whose music is a refreshing and uplifting acoustic/electric trip that has had record buyers swooning to its intricate musical interplay.

Artist: Kyle Lardner
Sail Among The Stars

Street: Available Now!
Label: Warrior / Bungalo / Universal Music Group Distribution
File Under: Pop
Price Code: C13
UPC: 802097013129

about Kyle LardnerNassau County native Kyle Lardner has released Sail Among The Stars, and given the quality of this fine new pop album, she’ll be doing exactly that before long. In an area rife with loud rock bands that seemingly are stuck in a time warp, Lardner’s fresh singer-songwriter style is just what the region needs. Only 20, the stunningly sexy Lardner is a gifted, classically trained pianist and fine vocalist, and despite her scant years is the kind of fully developed songwriter that only comes along a few times in a generation. If that sounds like hype, take a listen to songs such as “Moral Amnesia” or “Costa Rica” on her debut CD produced by Alan Scott Plotkin, available nationally on September 25. Lardner’s thoughtful, often romantic lyrics merge with her natural pop sensibilities to create a pleasing and entertaining mural mix. Add her natural charisma and movie star looks to the package, and Lardner is likely to be on of the most talked-about artists in the region during the next few years.


800.579.9157 (ext. 707) Ph. * 323.924.1095 Fax


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