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Warrior Records Starts A Music Blog

Warrior Records

Warrior Records, a division of L.A. Entertainment, Inc. has launched a new music blog to feature its newest artists and links to their websites, bios, backgrounds, stories, press releases, videos and tours.

“It allows fans one more option to obtain the latest information, music and schedules of their favorite groups,” said Jim Ervin, president & CEO, Warrior Records, Los Angeles.

MAYO Communications, Warrior Records publicity firm based in Los Angeles will maintain and manage the site, comments and any suggestions will be passed on to the President & CEO Jim Ervin.

Warrior Records, a division of L.A. Entertainment, Inc., was started in 1998 by President/Staff Producer, Jim Ervin. The label proceeds with the ideal of offering opportunities to talented artists who wish to embraces the best of what an active indie company can offer, while also enjoying major label distribution channels.

“This business started with the independent. From the 1970’s through through today, the distribution channels have been dominated by what is now the Big 4 (BMG/Sony, EMD, WEA, and Universal). But, as we watch various new technologies become commonplace, we are seeing a shift back toward the independent. Sales attributed globally to indie outlets continue to rise. We are the ones who take the initial risk, develop the artists, package the product, and create a demand for it. Independents are the A&R departments for the major labels,” explained Ervin.

“Warrior thanks all companies that are involved in independent releases, for they strive to support the one thing that truly matters…the music,” he said.

Jim Ervin


Warrior Records

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