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Warrior Records Announces Crash Kelly – Hard Glam Rock with Renown Classical Guitarist Sean Kelly – Ready to Rock the USA

Crash Kelly

Crash Kelly with “One More Heart Attack” album due out July 29th.

Sean Kelly grew up in North Bay Ontario, studying the classical guitar but also digging the sounds emanating from his 12-watt stereo system; Kiss, Van Halen, and Guns N’ Roses

LOS ANGELES, CA – Warrior Records announced today that Crash Kelly, created from influences of mega-groups Alice Cooper, Cheap Trick, KISS and Queen will be releasing their third album, “One More Heart Attack,” on July 29th, but it is a debut CD on Warrior.

The new Crash Kelly band consists of Sean Kelly, on guitar and vocals, Gene Scarpelli (son of Gino Scarpelli, guitarist for Canadian hard rock legends GODDO), Tim Timleck on drums, and long time Crash Kelly co-hort Allister Thompson, who has switched from guitar to bass.

“This is a really great group of classy rock pros, and they are all well-represented on the new album, ‘One More Heart Attack’ coming to stores in America on July 29th,” said vocalist and leader of Crash Kelly.

“What makes us different this time around is the fact that I brought in some different players and also did some outside writing with Moe Berg on a few key tracks,” explained Kelly. “This album is much more focused and I think it’s sonically the best thing Crash Kelly has ever done. It also rocks a little harder.”

Kelly noted the new album has some classic rock input, too. Gilby Clarke (Guns N’ Roses, Rock Star: Supernova) helped produce the new album for the second time. “Gilby has a great ear for arrangement, getting great guitar tones, and solid performances. I think we’re cut from the same cloth, musically speaking,” commented Kelly.

Crash Kelly has just finished up a Canadian tour with Gilby and now have their sights set on an American tour, which Kelly has not done since he toured with Alice Cooper in 2006. Forthcoming dates to be announced.

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